Workers Compensation Scheme

The Local Government Association Workers Compensation Scheme (LGAWCS) provides Local Government Authorities with a fully integrated Claims, Rehabilitation and Work Health Safety service.
This concept has ensured that the LGAWCS has effectively managed changes as they have been enacted to the Work Health Safety and Worker's Rehabilitation and Compensation Acts, whilst maintaining efficient and effective cost controls for the Local Government Industry.

Currently, our WHS, Claims and Rehabilitation personnel provide the following key services:
• Proactive Claims Management
• Preparation and Interpretation of Industry Statistics
• In-House Rehabilitation
• Return to Work Solutions
• Legislative Advice Training
• Hazard Identification Service
• On-site Visits
• Professional advice on topical WHS and Injury Management issues
• Business Planning in WHS and Injury Management

The LGAWCS has recently been awarded the maximum score by WorkCover when audited against the Self Insurer Performance Standards.

For further information please contact our office on 8235 6460.